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Virginia Republican Behind Age Verification Law Calls Adult Content 'Not Normal'

State Sen. Bill Stanley, author of the age verification law that led Pornhub to shut down access in the commonwealth of Virginia, has defended the controversial, vaguely worded mandate by claiming that adult websites are harmful because their content is “not normal.”

FSC Appoints Vince Charlton as AV Liaison for UK, Europe

Industry veteran Vince Charlton will join FSC as the organization’s Age Verification Policy Liaison — with a special focus on the U.K. and Europe — as it works to more proactively engage legislators and regulators.

Age Verification for Adult Content Becomes Mandatory in Virginia and Mississippi Tomorrow

New laws mandating age verification for adult websites in Virginia and Mississippi, passed by both states’ legislatures earlier this year, will take effect on Saturday.

Pornhub Blocks Access in Virginia, Mississippi Over Age Verification

Pornhub has blocked access to its platform in Virginia and Mississippi, where mandatory age verification legislation goes into effect tomorrow.

FSC Files Legal Challenge to Louisiana Age Verification Law

Free Speech Coalition has filed a legal challenge in Louisiana over the state’s age-verification law.

British Baroness Defends Controversial California Age Verification Law She Inspired

The Baroness Beeban Kidron, a British aristocrat with California and Hollywood ties, was the subject last week of a fawning profile by Politico, in which she continued to defend her controversial campaigns for internet age verification in the U.K. and California.

Dorcel Testing Age Verification Solution in France

Veteran French studio Dorcel is currently testing a “double anonymity” age verification solution designed by a Marseille-based tech company.

Pornhub Releases New Video Urging Action Against Anti-Porn Legislation

Pornhub has released a new video featuring Cherie DeVille urging viewers to contact their representatives to weigh in on the current blitz of anti-porn legislation being proposed around the country.

Spanish Anti-Porn Activists Demand Laws to Match Utah and China

Local Spanish politicians and activists are demanding anti-porn legislation to mirror current initiatives in France, Germany, Utah and even China.

Louisiana Passes Religious Republican's New Anti-Porn Law

The Louisiana Senate on Monday unanimously passed new legislation creating more liability for adult websites, introduced by the religious Republican lawmaker behind the state’s controversial age verification law.

Age Verification: Unpacking a Web of Laws and Controversies

Last February, the adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) released a policy position paper that clearly stressed, from the get-go, a sentiment shared by virtually every single professional in the sector.

Daily Beast Publishes Op-Ed by Cybersecurity Expert Questioning Age Verification Laws

The Daily Beast yesterday published an opinion piece by a cybersecurity expert about how the current state-by-state campaign being waged to mandate age verification requirements for social media threatens online privacy and free speech.

Cherie DeVille Pens Essay for Rolling Stone on Utah's Anti-Porn Law

Cherie DeVille has written an essay for Rolling Stone expressing concern about a new Utah law requiring adult sites to verify users’ ages.

Rolling Stone Surveys Ongoing Republican War on Porn

Rolling Stone magazine this week published a report on the ongoing anti-porn crusades in Republican-controlled states.

French Government Admits New Adult Content Law Will Target Twitter Too

The French government has confirmed that the new bill it introduced on Wednesday to bypass the courts and force platforms to implement age verification will apply not only to specifically adult sites but also to any site that allows explicit content, including Twitter.

France Moves to Force Adult Websites to Comply With Unclear Age Verification Law

The center-right French government led by Emmanuel Macron confirmed over the weekend that it will attempt to bypass the courts to force the five largest adult sites accessible in the country to comply with a controversial, vaguely worded 2020 age verification law.

FSC Issues Open Letter to Anti-Porn Utah Senator Over New AV Law

Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Alison Boden on Tuesday issued an open letter addressed to the Utah Senate’s leading anti-porn activist, requesting clarification on how adult sites might comply with SB 287, the state’s controversial new age verification law.

FSC Releases Warning About Imminent Utah Age Verification Requirement

Free Speech Coalition issued a warning Monday about Utah’s age verification requirement for sites hosting adult content, which takes effect Wednesday.

Louisiana House Passes Religious Republican's New Anti-Porn Law

The Louisiana state house on Monday passed, almost unanimously, new legislation creating more liability for adult websites, introduced by the religious Republican lawmaker behind the state’s controversial age verification law.

Louisiana: GOP Legislator, Age Verification Lobbyists Partner for New Anti-Porn Law

A new law creating more liability for adult websites, promoted by the religious Republican legislator behind Louisiana’s controversial age verification law and by lobbyists for the AV industry, moved forward in the Louisiana state house yesterday.