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New iPhone OS Includes Parental Controls; Adult Apps Coming?

Apple might finally allow adult content onto its mighty iPhone.

dotCOM host Acquires Red Apple Media

“I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity of Red Apple Media being a fully intergraded division of dotCOM host," said Steven Daris, partner and co-founder of dotCOM host.

Summer Girls App Presses Adult Boundaries on iPhone

The struggle to break Apple's adult barrier continues. Steve Cannon should know.

Apple Rolls Out iPhone OS Version 3.0

Calling it a "major update" to its signature mobile device, Apple unveiled the third version of the operating system for the iPhone this morning.

Apple Introduces Safari Version 4

Apple has incorporated a slew of familiar features into the latest version of its in-house browser, Safari. Version 4 sees its beta release this week.

Mozilla, Skype Align Against Apple in iPhone Jailbreaking Dispute

Skype and Mozilla have aligned themselves against Apple's bid to make it a crime to crack iPhones.

Adobe Offers No ETA for Flash on the iPhone

Despite recent promises to bring Flash to the iPhone, Adobe’s latest estimate for the feature’s arrival is lagging.

Apple Wants Fines, Penalties For Jailbroken iPhones

Enterprising iPhone users who want to "crack" their device's operating system might face a $2,500 fine if Apple has its way.

Apple May Be Moving Toward 1st Video Phone

Apple is quietly laying the groundwork for a major update to the iPhone that will greatly expand its video capabilities.

Apple, Adobe Say They're Serious About Bringing Flash to iPhone

Feeling pressure from Google's Android mobile operating system, Adobe and Apple have once again joined forces to being Flash capability to the iPhone.

Adult Apps Flourish in iPhone Black Market

On the heels of a tightening of standards against adult, at least one company still wants to build adult apps for the iPhone.

Apple Tightens Adult Standards in App Store Again

Apple continues to tighten its standard for what constitutes adult content in the iPhone App Store.

New iPhone App iGirl Tests Boundaries of Adult on iTunes

Developers for Apple's mighty iPhone are dancing close to the adult barrier, but they still can't cross it.

Microsoft Still Won't Offer IE For Mac

A summit of developers for the industry's leading web browsers revealed that the eighth version of Microsoft Internet explorer is due to get a beta release within two weeks, but only for PC users.

Apple Approves 3rd-Party Browsers for iPhone

As of this week, anyone can make a web browser for Apple's iPhone.

Pink Visual Focuses on iPhone to Expand Mobile Services

With a recent announcement of its expanding mobile services, Pink Visual is, like many adult websites, turning its attention to Apple’s iPhone.

Apple Decides to Go DRM-Free

Apple announced the removal of DRM technology from its entire 10 million-song iTunes catalog in its keynote address today at Macworld 2009.

Apple Rejects iPhone App for Using F-Word

Raising questions about its definition of "obscene," Apple's App Store has rejected a digital novel not for its sexual content, but because it uses a profane word. But a "not safe for work" section might be on the way.

Adult iPhone App Gets Apple Nod, Then Taken Down

Wallpaper Universe didn’t make it very long as an iPhone application. The software, which allows users to post photos of nude women as wallpaper, didn’t make it past the weekend after making its debut.

Apple Releases iPhone 2.2 Software Update

Apple has released iPhone 2.2 Software Update today, with improvements to Google street view and public transit and directions for pedestrians.