Massage Seductions

Kheper Games
Massage Seductions
Upon opening Kheper Games’ Massage Seductions you will find a neatly bundled package with form-fitting insert wherein contains a Massage Candle, spoon, warming heart gel pack, 24 “Seduction Cards,” and a instructional insert.

The cards suggest plenty of sensual stroking, circling slowly, lighting fires and moaning. The candle turned massage oil was actually quite pleasant to use. The heart-shaped warming gel pack added a fun touch with its neat chemical reaction, heat-up party trick.

Product Description:

Massage Seductions from Kheper Games. Are you looking for ways to intensify your intimacy with a variety of massage methods? Bring sensual spa experiences home with this erotic massage kit. The kit offers 24 ways to seduce your lover tender and tantalizing massage techniques. Cards and rules are translated to English, Spanish, French and German.
Chelston and Tracey-Lynn