X3 Expo Kicks Off With a Bang, Draws Record Crowds

X3 Expo Kicks Off With a Bang, Draws Record Crowds

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — An army of eager fans marched its way along Sunset Boulevard and through Hollywood in a line stretching several blocks, before being ushered into the historic Hollywood Palladium, where the resplendently decked-out cream of the A-list adult industry waited to greet them, chat with them, pose with them and show off the latest in content delivery technologies, as the 2024 X3 Expo kicked off on Friday.

This year’s opening day boasted the largest crowd in the history of the event, surpassing last year’s record by more than 50%.

Day 1 kicked off with the customary ribbon-cutting ceremony, featuring a star-studded lineup of top creators wielding the XXX-tra large scissors. Kira Noir, Natasha Nice, Kendra Sunderland, Charlotte Stokely and Mary Moody faced a throng of photographers lined up alongside Sunset Boulevard, aiming their lenses at the front of the Palladium.

Among the industry figures awestruck by the well-mannered pandemonium outside Los Angeles’ very own creator spotlight event was reigning XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year Emma Rose, set to co-host the XBIZ Awards ceremony on Sunday night.

“After such a great year, I’m so excited that my second time at X3 is packed with new fans and performers,” she said. “And I can’t wait to host the awards with the lovely Cherie DeVille. It’s history in the making!”

The stage event series portion of the expo commenced with the first of four “XBIZ Icons” interviews, led by Siri Dahl. First up was past XBIZ Girl/Girl Performer of the Year Charlotte Stokely.

“What inspired me to get into content creation was really the control over your own sexuality,” Stokely recalled, responding to Dahl’s opening question. “When you’re on set, working for a studio, it’s super fun — but you do what the studio wants you to do. When you’re a creator, making your own content, you can do what you want.”

Dahl also asked Stokely about her hobbies outside of the industry.

“When I’m not fucking girls or masturbating, I love playing Dungeons & Dragons,” she replied. “I’ve been playing for like 14 years!”

To which Dahl replied, “I love you! I’m also a D&D nerd!”

On the show floor, the center-front booth at X3 Expo was once again occupied by camming powerhouse Chaturbate, returning in full force with a high-tech horseshoe of streaming stations featuring the latest software, enabling a diverse array of the platform’s top broadcasters to interact with their fans both online and IRL.

Also returning to a coveted corner booth was Chaturbate broadcaster, creator and performer Alex Coal, unmistakable with her signature long black hair, matching panties and pasties — and nothing else.

“I love the corner booth because I can hang out with the crowd and also the people in my stream,” Coal revealed. “My favorite thing about X3 is how nice everyone is and how excited all the fans are to be here, because for a lot of them it’s the first time at an expo. This is the only one for LA fans, really. Also, a lot of stars show up here because it’s readily accessible — they already live or work here. If you want to meet your favorite porn stars, X3 is the way to go!”

As 2024 Best New Performer nominee Demi Hawks took selfies with fans while being cheered on by her popular Chaturbate stream, fellow broadcaster-cum-performer Millie Morgan, in a translucent emerald-green lace teddy, displayed her Stitch-worthy exuberance both on and off camera.

“It’s always a party at the Chaturbate booth, and my fans get so, so giddy watching me try to kiss as many hot girls as I can!” Morgan shared. “I love streaming at the Chaturbate booth because I can entertain my fans both in person and online while also deepening my friendships within the CB community.”

Alongside Morgan, fellow top cammer-performer Hime Marie chatted with fans, fellow broadcasters and scene partners, as her stream witnessed all of the proceedings.

“I’ve been attending conventions and working at the Chaturbate booth for almost seven years now,” Marie said. “The booth has all the resources that a streamer could want if they’re coming to the show. They provide us with power outlets, plugs, water, food, snacks — everything.

“I think that what’s so interesting about X3: it’s more of a creator environment,” Marie added. “Not only are there a lot of fans, but there are so many collaborative opportunities to be had among creators here.”

The broadcasters were assisted throughout the day by the dedicated Chaturbate staff, which also catered to the fans with an array of free merch and accessories, including branded bathing suits, thongs, unisex t-shirts, sweatpants, scrunchies and more.

“X3 is the perfect place for fans to come see their favorite Chaturbate broadcasters,” pronounced a rep. “You’re welcome to take pictures with them, get to know them a little better and have a real live experience.”

Over in the Champagne Room, Ricky Greenwood held an intimate screening of his XBIZ Award-nominated “Feed Me,” attended by fans, stars and Adult Time CCO Bree Mills.

Greenwood recalled, “When I gave the script to Adult Time, I was worried they wouldn’t let me do it because it’s very dark horror, but they’re brave and let me do it.” 

After the packed event, Mills offered, “I love being able to explore the horror genre within adult. I think a lot of the fan subcultures come together with the genre and this industry. What I love the most about Ricky Greenwood is that he’s a fan of the films and filmmaking, so it’s great to support his vision.”

Meanwhile, out on the floor, performers and creators enthused about being back at X3.

“X3 outdid themselves this year,” said creator and entrepreneur MelRose Michaels. “Love every second connecting with friends and fans!”

X3 Icon Kendra Sunderland echoed Michaels’ statement.

“I’m so happy to be back at X3 this year,” she said. “Being in the promo and on the billboard was the biggest honor. Thank you to all the fans for coming out!”

Hailey Rose, speaking on behalf of herself and her partner Max Fills, declared, “We’re super excited to finally be here signing for X3! It’s a super-fun atmosphere so far and I’ve really been enjoying meeting all the fans.”

Siri Dahl once again took the stage as interviewer, this time getting comfy on the plush chairs and creating a sense of living-room intimacy for her chat with premium social media star and popular studio performer Violet Myers. The massive audience loudly voiced their adoration for Myers throughout the thoughtful and often humorous Q&A.

“What inspired you to get into adult content creation?” Dahl asked.

“There wasn’t representation for girls that look like me,” Myers replied. “And I watch a lot of porn! I just love sex and I thought, ‘I may as well do it because I’m really good at it.’ And the SFW content I also make is because I love blogging.”

Asked what lessons she has learned along the way, Myers cited financial responsibility as a big one, from investing wisely to building up her savings and buying real estate.

“I had to mature pretty quickly, especially since I grew such a big brand so fast,” Myers noted. “I love repping the anime community. I’m just a sexy perverted nerd.”

The audience hollered their approval, and Myers acknowledged her gamer and geek bona fides as a major reason why she commands such a loyal fan base. She shared how much she admired the original “Halloween” movie while growing up, and revealed that the character of Michael Myers actually inspired her stage name. She also copped to a crush on Shrek, saying she loves the meaning behind the movie.

“Would you fuck Shrek?” Dahl asked.

“Yeah, he has big-dick energy,” Myers affirmed enthusiastically, inspiring several fans to proclaim their Shrekness from the audience in hopes of winning her heart. 

Back in the Champagne Room, director/writer/performer Casey Calvert appeared for a screening of a special SFW edit of the major plotlines for Season 3 of Calvert’s ERIKALUST polyamory series, “Primary.” She was joined by cast members Victoria Voxxx, Ana Foxxx, Siri Dahl and Derrick Pierce.

In a Q&A following the screening, Calvert and the cast members gave audience members the inside scoop on “Primary 3,” discussing the differences between this third and final season of “Primary” and its predecessors.

Foxxx, who played a leading role in all three seasons, shared, “My character evolved from being part of a happy couple in a polyamorous relationship, to taking on other responsibilities and learning what it takes to be part of that kind of relationship. You know, after a while, you don’t take no shit! Abigail took all the shit in Season 1, but she took no shit in Season 3!”

Calvert, the omniscient showrunner on “Primary,” quipped, “She decided, ‘I need my own shit.’”

Pierce chimed in, “I feel I was the catalyst for all of the shit! Everyone was always yelling at me!” The audience laughed appreciatively. 

After sharing stories about the ambitious production — for which ERIKALUST empowered Calvert to shoot in landmark Southern California locations, including an entire “Western movie ranch” — Calvert and the rest of the cast then played a game, trying to predict what each of the couples and characters in the sprawling cast of “Primary” would most likely be doing after the finale tied off the daisy chain of their interwoven plots.

Calvert even hinted that, although she was ready to say goodbye to her fictional creations after four years chronicling their love labors, she may yet be game to revisit them at some point further down the line.

Calvert added that she was having “the most amazing time” at X3 Expo.

“I’m super excited to be here this year, signing for Cosplayground and screening my film,” she declared.

Also busy signing autographs was Carmela Clutch, living up to her name as a very literal clutch of excited fans descended upon her table.

“I am loving this!” Clutch raved. “I have never had such a great opportunity to meet the fans, get to know them on a one-on-one, personal level and be able to look them in the eyes. I love that. There’s no other convention like X3!”

Added Little Puck, “There’s nothing like the fun, intimate vibes X3 creates for us! I’m always so stoked to attend because I get to connect with some of the most beautiful people on the planet and meet some of the coolest fucking fans on Earth.”

Over in the Brazzers lounge, several stars took advantage of the oasis of relative quiet off the main event floor.

“I’m so happy to be here signing with Brazzers,” said Abigaiil Morris. “It’s such an honor to be contracted with them and representing Brazzers at X3.”

Past XBIZ Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue was also excited to be representing the hugely popular studio.

“It’s amazing to be at X3 again with Brazzers this year,” he said. “Every year, its’ a wonderful environment for us actors to meet and greet our fans in Los Angeles.”

Alexis Fawx concurred, saying, “I’m incredibly excited to meet all the fans at X3 this year at the Brazzers booth again. It’s always a blast! I love being a part of this great experience for the fans.”

Studio performers were not the only ones getting in on the fan action. Back on the show floor, creators were also seeing a lot of enthusiasm for what they were literally bringing to the table.

“X3 is as crazy as always, but I am saddling this wild horse!” said creator and recent Hustler Cover Honey Laura Desiree. “My goodness, this is one of those opportunities to really interface with the fans and wrap my arms around them. They keep me alive and motivated. I also love the other creators. There are so many people that we know digitally, but I just love the chance to actually see them in the flesh and experience them in the glory that is X3.”

Toward the end of the evening, the final stage event of Day 1 kicked into gear: the Breakout Creators panel, sponsored by ePlay, with seven of the hottest new stars in the business joining moderator Kazumi in front of the massive crowd.|

As breakout creators Zariah Aura, Queenie Sateen, Chanel Camryn, Kelsey Kane, Molly Little, Baby Gemini and Scarlett Alexis stood side by side, Kazumi worked her way down the line, first asking the assembled talent what inspired them to join the industry.

“I would say, embracing sex,” said Alexis. “I love that you’re your own boss, as well.”

Gemini pointed to “Wolf of Wall Street” protagonist Jordan Belfort’s book, “The Way of the Wolf,” as her inspiration.

“In the book, it says you can sell anything, and you should be mindful of what you sell,” she said. “I was doing door-to-door sales at the time, and I was like, ‘What the hell am I knocking on doors for, when I could just be selling myself?’”

For Camryn, it was a simpler equation.

“I’m from Alaska, and as you can probably imagine, there’s not a lot of dick there!” she quipped. “I like to fuck. I got a DM on Twitter to come to LA and shoot my first porno. Being the level-headed woman that I am, I took that offer immediately! And two years later, here I am, still fucking.”

Discussing her style of content, Aura said, “I love dominating people. I love tying a man down and going to town on him. I’ve got a big dick, too, so I’m able to use that to my advantage!”

Sateen talked about her artistic ambitions.

“Before I started making porn, I was only doing music,” she said. “I’ve always been an independent artist. Selling myself, directing my own music videos, all of that. I bring that experience into this. I’m just a weird art girl. I’ve written three original songs this year that have been used in porn, which has been really amazing. Incorporating all the things I love into one thing has been really awesome.”

As Day 1 of this year’s X3 Expo came to an end, a mass of happy fans made their way out back onto Sunset, jabbering excitedly, visibly satisfied with what was the most packed first day in the event’s history — and talking about how much they couldn’t wait to get back on the show floor for Day 2. Back inside the venue, the assembled industry luminaries seemed to agree, as happily bantering back and forth with each other about what a great time they’d had. 

For X3 Expo photo galleries, click here.


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