JustFor.fans Launches Split-Revenue Purchases

JustFor.fans Launches Split-Revenue Purchases

LOS ANGELES — Adult community and fan platform JustFor.fans has launched what it calls “a first in the industry” — the ability for models to share revenue with other models for movie sales.

According to the company, the functionality, which currently works on individual movie purchases made through the Movie Store, allows users to select up to 10 models who contributed to that movie, and select which percentage of sales that user should receive. The JustFor.fans platform automatically pays each user the correct amount when a purchase is made.

A company spokesperson says there are several reasons users might use this feature.

“Two models who film together could each make 50 percent on the sale of the movie,” the spokesperson explains. “Currently, sales made on an individual’s model store (from their profile page) is attributed 100 percent to them. But movies sold from the Movie Store (a general store on JFF that lists movies by genre and not by user) can have their revenue split. Or a group of models might create a movie together that is only available for sale in the Movie Store and they each split the revenue from that sale.”

Based on feedback from the community, the rules about where these rev shares manifest could evolve.

JustFor.fans creator Dominic Ford says there are many ways this revenue-sharing model will take shape on the site.

“This is the first of several projects that utilize this back-end functionality,” Ford reveals. “This further goes to our goal of fostering a community in which everyone can help each other succeed.”

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