Traffic Force Releases Major Upgrades to Publisher Admin Panel

Traffic Force Releases Major Upgrades to Publisher Admin Panel

LOS ANGELES — The Traffic Force team has announced that "after generating billions of impressions each month for advertisers via a vast network of internal and external publisher sites," it is now going even deeper into the data by providing an analytical dashboard for all publishers seeking to review and compare the detailed metrics of every transaction.

“The latest update to our publisher admin panel makes data available on all segments of traffic, allowing each publisher to dig deeper into their data where you can find out what is actually making you the most money,” explained Ross of

“We break down earnings by country, language, ad type, browser, device type, OS, device, source, carrier and more to provide granular information that you can act on quickly to optimize the value of every impression you sell," he added.

According to a company rep, "It’s your traffic, your data and your decisions, made even easier to work with by a powerful suite of important tools and a state of the art publisher interface aimed at improving the tracking, optimization efficiency and ROI of every click you provide. All of your data is available directly in your browser or you can securely export it in your own desired format to use externally as well. To see the newly upgraded Traffic Force Publisher Interface in action, simply log into your existing account or visit to get started right now!"