MojoHost Integrates AVSecure With 'Outstanding' Results

MojoHost Integrates AVSecure With 'Outstanding' Results

LOS ANGELES — MojoHost, one of the industry’s leading hosting providers that announced a partnership with AVSecure for age verification last year, has announced it has completed a series of rigorous tests on the AVSecure blockchain platform with "outstanding" results.

MojoHost performed tests with NATS, Mechbunny, Wordpress and ElevatedX and examined the integration options available to all clients and also reviewed, in detail, the user journey for consumers, said Brad Mitchell, CEO of MojoHost.

“With the ease of installation and the diverse range of integration options such as JavaScript, PHP, .NET and Wordpress, I do not doubt that it will work with other platforms just as well," Mitchell said. "The technical team at AVSecure are expert in their knowledge and have built an age-verification system that will work exceptionally well for our clients and consumers. Over and above the simplicity of using the system, we were highly impressed by the attention to detail AVSecure have paid to the consumers' surfing experience and the ability to flow between tabs in a session without the need to re-verify."

He added, “It is of paramount importance that the clients of MojoHost are ready to be compliant with the new U.K. law, and we have total confidence in the AVSecure system and are ready, willing and able to help all our clients with the integration process.”

To support MojoHost clients, the company will build documentation for the software integrations mentioned above and publish a public-facing knowledge base entry on their website. Clients using MojoHost’s managed hosting are eligible for "hassle-free integrations to be made by MojoHost."

According to a company rep, "MojoHost has no financial interest in AVSecure. As the most trusted hosting service in the adult industry, MojoHost is an independent provider of hosting technology for the AVSecure blockchain. AVSecure runs several nodes to power the AVSecure blockchain itself for redundancy purposes. MojoHost will host two additional nodes to ensure enhanced levels of security, trust and confidence for all clients. AVSecure has unprecedented demand for its solution and has set the highest standards in age verification and offer the service to the entire adult industry for free."

Steve Winyard, AVSecure’s co-founder and CMO commented, “With the U.K. law taking effect from April this year, it was an important part of our release plans to ensure MojoHost could test our system before official release. The team at MojoHost is now in a position of authority to assist all their clients with the integration of AVSecure and benefit from the support that they offer. We have designed AVSecure to be world-leading regarding privacy, but also with both the merchant and consumer journey and experience in mind. Merchants want something that is easy to integrate, ensures compliance and minimizes the impact on consumers. Consumers need to validate quickly for their session, but once validated should navigate freely for that session. With AVSecure integrated, all of these objectives are met.”