Avi Love Takes the Lead in Axel Braun's 'The Possession of Mrs. Hyde'

VENICE, Calif. — Avi Love takes the lead in Axel Braun’s “The Possession of Mrs. Hyde,” which is now available.

“Director Axel Braun said he had wanted to make ‘The Possession of Mrs. Hyde’ for a decade and a half, but he just couldn’t find the right actress to fill the lead role despite, he says, auditioning ‘a couple hundred girls,’” a representative said. “Then in walked Avi Love. The beautiful young superstar blew away the veteran director, giving him the confidence to go ahead with the long-shelved project.”

According to Braun, “The Possession of Mrs. Hyde” is “the most important movie of my entire career” and said he was able to secure “the best cast and crew I could possibly ask for.

"Avi's performance in The Possession of Mrs. Hyde was literally mind-blowing on all levels, and I've been doing this for almost 30 years,” Braun added. “Her acting is the best I have ever seen, and her sexual energy is unmatched. Her chemistry with Seth was so raw and real that it really brought everything I've always wanted to this project."

The movie, which was shot in black and white, also stars Seth Gamble as Mr. Hyde and Tom Byron in the Jeckyl role. Hyde was written by Braun, his late father Lasse Braun and Braun’s 25-year-old son Rikki Braun. The SFW trailer can be viewed here.

“I am so honored knowing that Axel thought so much of my talent that he decided to greenlight this movie,” Love said. “It was such a great opportunity to really exercise my acting and for perhaps the most-respected adult director of his generation. It was an incredible experience and I’m so proud of this movie and how it turned out. It is definitely a landmark in my career and I hope this opens the door to more exciting projects like this in the future. I really enjoyed acting and hope to have more opportunities like this in the future.”

Love was also featured alongside Shay Evans on “The Trickykid” podcast. To listen, click here

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