Pineapple Support Champions Emotional Services for Performers

Pineapple Support Champions Emotional Services for Performers

LOS ANGELES — Pineapple Support is reporting its completion of a successful European tour in support of performer rights.

Pineapple Support is a charitable organization launched in April of 2018 to provide adult performers and producers with free or subsidized therapy and a 24/7 online emotional support service. The organization received U.K. charity status in September and anticipates 501c3 status being granted in the U.S. during Q4 of 2018.

The group recently reached out to performers attending a European trade event.

“It was quite a whirlwind of activity,” says Pineapple CEO Leya Tanit. “From a full slate of meetings each day with producers, directors and service providers, to the evening award shows and activities throughout the day I managed to meet with dozens of top-quality companies and the amazing people who manage them at every level.”

“Presenting the Pineapple mission is a passion of mine,” Tanit adds, “and I can say that the enthusiasm and receptive remarks we got back in response to what we are doing was extraordinary.”

Tanit notes the adult industry is already well aware that the mental, physical and social health of sex workers and performers is a vital part of what makes it function and reveals that many of the execs the group spoke with are former performers or are very close to a number of performers, which gives them an important perspective on the urgent issues facing some of today’s top starlets.

For those outside the adult industry, Tanit says it’s important to point out that the executives working in this industry are by and large huge supporters of the talented people who consistently turn out amazing content for the massive worldwide audience of porn fans.

“As one company owner said to me, ‘we don’t make cars or widgets like other industries, we are the most intimately human sector and our interest in the health of our performers goes far beyond any financial or commercial limits,” Tanit explains. “We want every consenting adult who participates in our films or watches them from home to know that each actor and actress are cared for to the full extent we can foster on their behalf.”

Tanit says Pineapple will remain active throughout the year at a variety of adult and mainstream shows, providing a presence and a voice for performers while working to ensure the highest degree of safety, security and respect for everyone who works in the adult marketplace “whether they have their clothes on or off while doing so.”

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