Brooke Candy Scores Cover of ManyVids Mag

Brooke Candy Scores Cover of ManyVids Mag

LOS ANGELES — Brooke Candy is featured on the cover of ManyVids Magazine’s September issue, which focuses on sexual empowerment, confidence, natural instincts, eroticism and more.

According to the company, MV Mag’s newest issue gives readers access to the international star, entertainer and recording artist and focuses on her creativity, music, and inspiration, offering her fans a preview of what’s coming next in her career.

“I love being able to destigmatize sex work and lift the spirits of sex workers with my art and music,” Candy confides, “[Because] sex workers are human beings too.”

Candy’s “My Sex” music video was made with the help of ManyVids, which she credits with providing a platform that creates “a safe place for the sexually empowered artist to thrive independently.”

“Brooke Candy came onto the scene with her 2012 banger, ‘Das Me,’ a fierce feminist manifesto, taking the music industry by storm and was hailed by everyone from Grimes to Sia,” says an MV spokesperson. “Candy rose to the occasion by quickly becoming a phenom, garnering accolades from her peers and receiving millions of views on YouTube.”

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