Cam Model Who Teaches Grade Schoolers Outed in Michigan

Cam Model Who Teaches Grade Schoolers Outed in Michigan

BELLEVILLE, Mich. — An elementary school teacher in Van Buren Township, Mich., who was outed in her community for performing adult cam shows could lose her teaching job, according to a report yesterday.

The female cam performer is a longtime reading teacher at an elementary school, but she also offers cam performances with her husband on CamSoda, as well as CAM4, under the Hot For Teachers moniker. They also have a ManyVids account.

Problem is that now some parents are complaining to the local school district about the cam performer’s online job.

One unidentified woman, who spoke to local station WDIV-TV, said that it isn’t OK for a teacher to moonlight camming in the buff. The woman also threatened to withdraw her child from the school system if the cam performer is allowed to continue working there.

"I can't believe if the district knows about it they're still allowing it,” she said. “Especially with them being open about it, that's not something you should be doing when you're in the profession of being around children."

Some who have heard the same type of story over and over again have come to the cam performer’s defense.

Daryn Parker, CamSoda’s vice president, said that having a second a job and source of income is not uncommon in this country, especially in today’s gig economy and connected world.

“For me, its admirable when a person gets a second job to support a lifestyle or family,” Parker said. “It’s hardworking people like this that make America great. That’s why it’s disheartening to learn that [the teacher] who performs on our site, CamSoda, to earn extra money, may potentially lose her job — one at which she excels, according to many.

“Being a cam performer is separate from teaching and does not affect her ability to teach. One wouldn’t get fired for, say, driving Uber. Why should someone lose their job for being a cam performer? We implore the school district investigating the case to make the right decision and let Linda earn money and continue doing what she loves.”