VogoV Crypto Project Releases OgoShift Wallet

VogoV Crypto Project Releases OgoShift Wallet

LOS ANGELES — VogoV has announced its release of the web version of OgoShift Wallet, the single-entry point to the infrastructure behind VogoV.

According to the company, while the OgoShift Merchant account is already in use by more than a score of early adopters, the wallet, available in both English and Russian, is the first publicly available product from OgoShift.

“Most ICOs release their products only after fundraising, or they show some kind of a high-level prototype trying to [convince] their community that they have a real product,” a company spokesperson explains, noting the VogoV Token Sale is unique as the company released two products before the pre-crowdsale, which runs from Aug. 21-31.

OgoShift supports both Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

“This is not just a simple Ethereum wallet which enables [users] to receive and send the cryptocurrency,” says Ivan Kirillov, co-founder and managing director of VogoV. “OgoShift Wallet enables customers to create multi-signature wallets which are also known as shared wallets.”

Kirillov says up six owners can access the multi-signature wallet.

“It can be set that the signatures of all the owners are needed to execute a transaction,” Kirillov explains. “The creator of a multi-signature wallet will allow either all owners of the wallet to be pre-defined forever, or they can be changed after the wallet creation.”

The OgoShift Wallet is an account allowing users to create personalized wallets, choosing its color and name as desired.

“If a user has a lot of wallets [they] can choose the favorite ones which will be highlighted,” Kirillov adds. “If a user doesn’t like a wallet balance to be shown, the user will be able to hide this information.”

Kirillov says that with safety and protection its top priority, OgoShift, and its employees will not have any access to these private keys.

“OgoShift Wallet is built so that only a user will have access to its private keys,” Kirillov concludes. “The wallet is an interface between a user and blockchain. OgoShift will only be aware of public keys assigned to an account of a user.”

The iOS and Android versions of OgoShift Wallet will be released later this year, along with Chinese and Japanese versions.

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