Nutaku Doubles the Raunchiness With 'Fap CEO,' 'Non Stop Goddess'

Nutaku Doubles the Raunchiness With 'Fap CEO,' 'Non Stop Goddess'

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced it is doubling the raunchiness this week with the release of its newest titles for lewd gamers, “Fap CEO” and “Non Stop Goddess.”

According to the company, “Fap CEO” offers a unique experience for those looking to fulfill their workplace fantasies in a simulated environment, void of the real-life penalties that would be imposed on the would-be Harvey Weinstein’s of the world.

Among the title’s features are the ability to level-up employees to help them make more cash; the ability to talk to ladies and unlock exclusive, uncensored hentai content; and the ability for players to customize their experience with new skills and perks.

“Non Stop Goddess” is a Samurai journey that takes place in the Heian period of Japanese history, at a time when humans and demons co-existed. Players must tame and collect the cutest Shikigamis to climb their way to the top of the dungeon leaderboards for rewards.

The title features fully animated H-scenes; a portrait mobile game; idle gameplay and collection mechanics, with more than 50 girls to collect (Shikigamis); and more.

With a growing fan base and more than 75 million monthly visits, hosts a wide range of content for adult gamers looking to take their gaming experience to the next level. With more than $10 million in investment funds up for grabs, lewd game developers from all walks of life host their titles on Nutaku’s mature platform without risk of censorship.

“We have seen a lot of developers turn to Nutaku in light of Steam’s ongoing content restrictions. Steam is an all-ages platform, and Valve’s behavior has been unpredictable regarding their stance on hosting adult content,” says Nutaku Product Manager Ben Faccio. “ is catered solely to an 18+ audience, so our developers can depend on the success of their titles.”

“Fap CEO” can be downloaded here.

“Non Stop Goddess” can be downloaded here.