Nutaku Offers Sexy Strategy Puzzle Game 'Naughty Kingdom'

Nutaku Offers Sexy Strategy Puzzle Game 'Naughty Kingdom'

MONTREAL — has announced the launch of its newest adult strategy puzzle game, “Naughty Kingdom.”

According to the company, “Naughty Kingdom” was launched after a pre-registration phase that rewarded early players and features an addictive puzzle mechanic, challenging quests and a harem scene gallery.

With more than 200 adult titles dedicated to lewd players on, this newest title targets action adventure fanatics with a quest to become a fearless knight in shining armor, saving countless voluptuous girls “in order to score a sexy harem full of hot, salacious women.”

A company spokesperson reveals the storyline, wherein the “Queen’s kingdom is in jeopardy and she has sent her trusted Virgin Guard, Lycia, to recruit gamers who are promised the heavenly life of a Noble with their own castle and a harem full of beautiful, libidinous women.”

“Players will battle evil monsters, complete challenging quests, and strategically solve puzzles in order to gain gifts and proceed to the next level,” the spokesperson adds. “As players advance through the ranks, levels will become higher in difficulty, yet more scandalous and steamy in sexual compensation.”

The free game boasts hot sex scenes, more than 50 levels of gameplay, and a story mode where players can interact with harem girls and present them with gifts.

“Naughty Kingdom” can be downloaded here.