TrafficStars Re-Focuses on Clients, Anna Blaivas Named Sales Director

TrafficStars Re-Focuses on Clients, Anna Blaivas Named Sales Director

LOS ANGELES — TrafficStars has announced a new client-focused strategy, kicking off the initiative by naming Anna Blaivas as its new Sales Director.

According to the self-serve ad exchange and network, TrafficStars is intent on building productive client relationships. Blaivas, previously Head of Publishing at TrafficStars, has been promoted into this new position due to her commendable experience during her time with the company.

“Blaivas recognized the opportunity for TrafficStars to set a new industry standard in client relationships — an offering that clients have communicated to us is an area which can be improved across the entire industry,” says a company spokesperson. “As the first move in her new position, Blaivas has implemented a complete restructure of the Sales and Support departments to ensure that TrafficStars can comprehensively support clients by proactively identifying opportunities to grow clients’ revenues further.”

Teams within the sales and support departments have now been segmented to ensure each client receives personal, hands-on and dedicated support to help them with every campaign.

“This is the second major move by TrafficStars to spearhead a change in how relationships are nurtured in our industry,” the spokesperson adds. “Online chat support for every client has already been deployed to make it even easier for all clients and partners to find help, support and answers to any queries they may have — all directly from within the client’s dashboard.”

“I’m very excited to implement these changes as part of my new role as Sales Director,” Blaivas says. “I’m very confident that our more streamlined focus on accounts will help increase profitability for our clients and will be welcomed by all of our partners.”

“TrafficStars continues to grow and evolve and our focus on client relationships is just one of the many ways that we are going to keep working to establish ourselves as the number one ad network in the industry,” Blaivas adds. “We are further investing in our RTB offering, an area which I believe will keep growing at a fast page in our industry and provide an even stronger way of monetizing traffic.”

TrafficStars’ Managing Director Peter Rabenseifner says it was a natural progression for Blaivas to transition into the Sales Director role.

“She understands the industry well and has built up a strong network of clients,” Rabenseifner explains. “Most importantly she is passionately determined to drive TrafficStars to its full potential.”

TrafficStars is also actively looking for two dynamic and ambitious business development managers, as the team further expands to meet increasing client demand and take a more proactive approach to nurture clients and their portfolios.

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