xHamster Courts Rapper Iggy Azalea Following Viral Twerk Video

xHamster Courts Rapper Iggy Azalea Following Viral Twerk Video

LOS ANGELES — xHamster has a job for Iggy Azalea after her late night twerk video went viral, showcasing a new side of the performer’s talents.

According to the company, the Australian model and hip-hop artist released the video earlier this week where she also narrated the clip, catching xHamster’s attention.

“Iggy put on an exhibition Wednesday with a kitchen booty clap in the wee hours of the morning, 2:50 to be exact. Wearing a thong and heels, the ‘Fancy’ served up cake with no shame. She also tracked audio over the video narrating the spectacle and proclaimed that she should be hired to narrate National Geographic,” Whitney Vasquez wrote for Blast. “We don’t know if it fits the bill for National Geographic, but we’re thinking there’s a few channels who wouldn’t mind flooding their schedule with Iggy’s assets.”

Vasquez was right, with the proof quick in coming as xHamster reached out with an offer to be an “Official Porn Narrator.”

xHamster VP Alex Hawkins says when Azalea suggested she become a narrator for National Geographic, the team had a better idea.

“We may not be National Geographic, but we do have thousands of videos showing humanity’s passionate, anim@l nature,” Hawkins says. “If she can turn the world on with a twerk, we’d love to see what she does with something a little more explicit.”

“We know from our market research that there are millions of older people whose failing eyesight no longer allows them to enjoy adult videos,” Hawkins adds. “If Iggy were to partner with us, it would be a public service, and open her up to a whole new fan base.”

The video can be seen here.