Asa Akira Touts Wicked Sensual Care Products in Column

Asa Akira Touts Wicked Sensual Care Products in Column

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Wicked Sensual Care, the creator of lubricants and enhancers for women and men, announced today that two of its products are showcased in the latest edition of “Ask Asa,” the sex-and-relationship advice column curated by adult star Asa Akira.

In “Does Size Matter More Than Girth?” Akira ranks and reviews her favorite lubes, with Wicked Sensual Care Crème coming in at No. 1.

"Technically, this is a masturbation cream, not a lube," she wrote. "It starts off as a cream and dissolves into a nice oily consistency that doesn’t get tacky or sticky over time, and it doubles as an excellent moisturizer."

The second selection on her list was Wicked Sensual Care Jelle, which she praises for being "thick and gelatinous in consistency, which means it's not sticky and it's easy to clean.”

“We are extremely pleased to receive such recognition from Men's Health,” said Cassie Parker, Wicked Sensual Care’s marketing director. “We thank Asa Akira and the entire Men's Health team for their support of our brand.”

The column can be read in its entirety here.

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