Nutaku Releases 'The Wilting Amaranth'

Nutaku Releases 'The Wilting Amaranth'

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the debut of a new erotic game, "The Wilting Amaranth," on the platform.

According to a company rep, "Featuring two exciting character routes and 13 unique endings, the game is about three women, bound together by the threads of fate, with paths that overlap within the infamous Witch's Tower. Each of them, with their own unfortunate circumstances, are struggling to live within a society that rejects their true selves. This visual novel will have gamers living out their most erotic fantasies involving girl on girl action.

"The game was loosely inspired by Rapunzel,” continued the rep from Reine Works. “We didn't end up using too many of its themes, but we did draw inspiration from its premise and setting. While we certainly could've followed the original story quite a bit more, we definitely value adding our own twists to make unique experiences moreso. We tried to experiment with something new for this game's writing style. Each character has an extremely distinct way of speaking. Something else we tried was 'underwear mode'. The girls each have gorgeous underwear designs, so we decided to add a totally optional feature where you can play the game with the girls always in their undies.”

Other key features of the game include three to five hours of visual novel-style play, 10 unique CGs with variations and uncensored love scenes. It is DRM-free and available on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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