ManyVids Issues Statement in Support of Nikki Benz

MONTREAL — ManyVids, which offers services for adult content creators to build their businesses, has issued a statement regarding Nikki Benz, supporting the adult performer as she wages a legal challenge.

Benz last week filed a lawsuit against Brazzers, its parent company Mindgeek, porn producer Tony T and performer Ramon Nomar in a suit that alleges she was assaulted during a shoot in December 2016.

ManyVids made the following statement: 

Miss Nikki Benz is a legend in our industry and has tremendous experience shooting adult content for the past 10 years with the most influential producers in the world. She is taking a stand for herself by honoring her boundaries and asking for respect.

Nikki, we admire your courage. We stand with you. You have all of our support!

Nikki Benz is putting herself on the line. Not only to be heard as a powerful woman but to make sure that adult content-creators realize that victim-blaming has no place in this industry and that things are changing for all adult performers in this industry. Just because you expose your body and you may be called — or call yourself, proudly! — a “porn star” or “adult entertainer” or “sex worker” does not mean that you are available for what anybody feels like doing, to, or with, you. Or that anyone can take advantage of you. Working with sex does not mean consent should be left off the table. In fact, it should be front and center to our profession.

No means no!

It is the beginning of a new era in which women can stand together and send a message to the entire adult industry that non-consensual acts, coercion, abuse, and disrespect towards adult performers is, and always will be, completely unacceptable. We will not trivialize sexual assault, especially in an industry which perpetuates misogyny.

ManyVids was created to help fight against abuse, change industry standards, and offer a safe haven for sex workers to thrive independently. We will NEVER stay silent, and we will stand alongside these heroic women who shine a light on abuse.

The only way we will transform this industry is by continuing to spread a message of support, love and hope.

You are not alone. Nikki, we love and stand with you!


If you are an adult entertainer and need support or want to talk, please call the MV Hotline (888) 350-3051.

For more information on the subject, visit's "Standing With Nikki Benz" page.