iWantEmpire Guarantees First Choice Payouts to Artists

iWantEmpire Guarantees First Choice Payouts to Artists

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire has announced its guarantee of payments to its artists who chose to use First Choice Pay as a payout mechanism.

According to the company, the move comes in direct response to the announcement from Choice Bank (First Choice Pay) that deposited funds have been frozen, rendering monies unavailable for withdrawal.

Now, iWantEmpire is coming forward to personally guarantee the funds due its artists.

 “We understand cash flow is imperative and everyone depends on their earnings,” says Jay Phillips, president and co-founder of iWantEmpire. “Whether an artist is owed $25 or $25,000, we are incredibly grateful to be able to reach into our pockets and guarantee the funds that are due to our artists.”

Phillips says the company understands the struggles and stresses associated with an independent business model.

“While many sites are disassociating from the situation, we are taking this opportunity to reassure our international store owners they made the right choice when they joined iWantEmpire,” Phillips explains, “[So] we are guaranteeing all money owed by First Choice Pay.”

“iWantEmpire celebrates each and every person who has entrusted us with their content and their livelihood, and while this is an incredibly difficult situation, we are honored and humbled to offer assistance when it is needed most,” Phillips adds. “iWantEmpire is an artist-first platform from concept to creation, and we are proud to stand by this motto. All synergistic entrepreneurs around the world are welcomed here.”

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