Neon-Lit Ginger Banks Slays Latest MV Mag Cover

Neon-Lit Ginger Banks Slays Latest MV Mag Cover

LOS ANGELES — 2018 XBIZ Clip Site of the Year has unveiled Ginger Banks as the cover girl and subject of an in-depth interview, for their most recent edition of the MV Mag publication.

The firebrand cam model and clip artist appears on the front cover sporting glowing orange garb, with the trademark flourishes for which both MV Mag and Banks are known. She also dons a shirt emblazoned with the word "slay," as she reclines sanctily clad against a neon-lit backdrop, in a spread titled "Dayglo Desire."  

MV Mag #14 celebrates the end of wintry weather and the "bright bursts of blooming color" heralding springtime. Introducing Banks as the first "library girl" and an active Redditor, MV Mag details her transition into pornography and pro-crypto stance, along with a bonus Candy Crush photo set replete with a swirly lollipop.

MV Mag teased, "In a mix of bright L.A. sunshine and alluring jewel-tone velvets, photographer Nikki Hearts captures buzzcut beauties Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon. Their chemistry is obvious. As Raven says, enthusiastically, 'Every time we see each other I realize how alike we actually are. It’s scary…'

"Next up, Japanese expat MaricaHase, who describes herself as 'a small Japanese girl who loves sex but is very, very weird,' bares all poolside, in Las Vegas," they continued. "This Keeping Koi photo set has us feeling the summer heat, that’s for sure! 

"MV Girls KoraRoseXXX, Holothewisewulf and Cattie offer a tempting interlude with their MV Selfies before this issue takes a final deep dive featuring Macy Kennedy," MV Mag added. "With nothing but minty green backdrop and alluring mermaid getup, this MV Star’s photo set definitely has us looking forward to the beaches of summer!" 

Fans will have the opportunity to view the MV Mag via its platform at For more information, click here.