WMDoll Launches WMDollCash Sex Doll Affiliate Program

WMDoll Launches WMDollCash Sex Doll Affiliate Program
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — WMDoll has announced the launch of its WMDollCash sex doll affiliate program.

According to the company, WMDoll is a leading China-based manufacturer of TPE-based sex dolls, offering a wide range of customizable models.

WMDollCash will pay affiliates up to 20 percent commissions on sales, with payment via PayPal.

Noting that as sex dolls are becoming increasingly common, a company spokesperson says several manufacturers and suppliers of these dolls have entered the market.

“Many dolls are either exorbitantly priced or fail to meet the quality standards required for such items,” the spokesperson explains. “This is where manufacturers of dolls such as WMDoll are particularly unique and helpful.”

WMDoll offers a wide range of dolls to suit the different needs of users via the company’s online store, MyHiddenDoll.com. Some of the more popular categories on the online site include big tits sex dolls, kinky sex dolls, as well as tan and ebony sex dolls collections.

“[WMDoll] is the first sex doll manufacturer to apply TPE materials, a much better material compared to traditional silicone material, helping to create realistic, lifelike sex dolls for both males and females,” the spokesperson says. “The sex dolls are not only pleasurable but are also safe with all the materials used in manufacturing in compliance with National Health and Safety Standard.”

“With the dolls affordably priced starting from as low as $1,500, members of WMDollCash can start earning as high as $300 on the sale of just a doll,” the spokesperson concludes. “This is unprecedented in the industry, with only a few affiliate programs offering such high commissions on the sales of their products.”

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