AgeID Debuts Secure Age-Verification Tool

AgeID Debuts Secure Age-Verification Tool
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — AgeID has announced the launch of its secure online age-verification tool.

According to the company, the product has been introduced to fully comply with the impending regulation on adult-content websites soon to be enforced under the Digital Economy Act 2017 and regulated by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

AgeID has been successfully implemented in Germany since 2015 in compliance with the German Media Authority regulations and will be available to every adult content website accessible within the U.K., providing immediate compliance with the legislation.

The platform will be made available free of charge for all independent U.K. studios, producers and bloggers. In order to apply, contact

For non-U.K.-based providers, AgeID will be priced at a nonvariable flat fee based on an estimate of their U.K.-only traffic.

“With AgeID, all users accessing adult websites from within the U.K. will be prompted to ‘verify my age,’ creating a secure login for all future access,” AgeID spokesperson James Clark explains. “Of great benefit to content providers, users will be able to seamlessly browse between all AgeID protected sites and use multiple devices without the need for repeated verification.”

“The user’s age will be verified by a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ via regulator approved methodology, which will be conducted by third-party age-verification companies, with no personal information stored on the AgeID platform,” Clark adds. “The only data retained will be standard technical data to prevent fraud, and an encrypted, one-way hashed, anonymized login which provides a single sign on for the user.”

AgeID will be launched along with the Digital Economy Act 2017, which is currently set to be implemented in April, although it is yet to be finalized by the U.K. government.

Clark says by joining the AgeID Network, publishers will become part of a "trusted network" of adult sites.

“We have created a tool to comply with the impending U.K. legislation, which will create a trusted network of adult sites at a fair price to ensure the sustained creation of adult content,” Clark concludes. “Our product fully supports the U.K. adult industry and enables those of legal age to securely and privately access adult websites through a one-time verification process, while protecting children from stumbling across age-inappropriate content.”

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