Qcams Debuts Mobile Camming App for Android, iOS

Qcams Debuts Mobile Camming App for Android, iOS

LOS ANGELES — Qcams has announced its release of mobile camming apps for Android and iOS users, enabling users to “take erotic webcamming outdoors.”

According to the company, Qcams enables users to watch live shows from anywhere while allowing Qmodels to perform from exciting locations.

“Ever felt disappointed about leaving home when your favorite webcam model gets to the best part of her show? Claustrophobic because webcam shows are limited by mainstream closed spaces? Anxious because it’s about time the webcam industry turned 2.0?” asks a Qcams spokesperson. “Erotic webcamming is way more fun when taken out of the privacy of our rooms: Now, waiting at the airport, having free time after lunch or heading home in a cab can be opportunities to pay a visit to your favorite model, tip her, and have some kinky fun.”

The spokesperson says Qcams is a game changer for models, too.

“Now [models] can take their shows outdoors, using their creativity to find the sexiest places, circumstances, and games to keep you on the edge,” the spokesperson adds. “Nothing beats watching hotties having fun at the pool, the gym, the park, the beach, or from any other place that gets you off.”

Qcams is compatible with phones supporting Android 5.0 or iOS 11.

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