Stripchat Reports Valentine's Week Traffic Surge

Stripchat Reports Valentine's Week Traffic Surge

LOS ANGELES — has reported a significant surge in online traffic this past week, covering the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Executives at the specialty live striptease site, which includes xHamsterLive, noted an increase in visitor volume of 8.29 percent on Feb. 14, and 14.81 percent on Feb. 15, compared to the online influx of a regular nonholiday 24-hour period. They also noted that there were three percent more male than female users during this time.

According to the company, the data results could indicate there are more singles out in the world or indicate that couples are getting more experimental and opting for live sex as opposed to porn.

Stripchat performers note they have been performing various arousing acts, especially nonsexual ones, with the experience being comparable to a typical Valentine’s “dinner date,” with one main difference being the user is gazing through a browser.

“It could be quite shocking that most people visiting the cam site are not just there to engage solely in sexual interactions. Nor are users simply looking for the most gorgeous model on the site to entertain themselves,” said Jim Austin, Stripchat’s head of business development. “There appears to be a deeper craving from site visitors, and it proves to be quite evident that the models that make the biggest incomes are the ones that know how to deeply connect with users.”

According to the company’s cam models, the nonsexual (and nonnude) acts often drive their biggest earnings, and even more so during cupid’s week.

“There’s a whole bunch of users that have that ‘girlfriend experience’ with models, which makes sense that traffic would increase on this particular holiday,” Austin added. “There’s no direct way to find out if the traffic is singles or not, but the fact there was an influx does paint a picture of people wanting to do some kind of activity (not always sexual) on Valentine’s Day.”

Delicious Angel, who has a few years of experience in the industry, said that it’s very usual for devoted fans to spend a long private session on this romantic holiday.

“Even if it means they spend more on a longer private show, they’re willing to give more tokens to spend a ‘date,’” Delicious Angel declared. “What’s even more interesting is when a couple wants a private show.”

Camgirl Angel Eyes also noted a lot of couples who watch together, including her and her husband, and said this Valentine’s Day was different as there were more private shows with couples than past years.

Stripchat/xHamsterLive also reported a considerable lift in activity with its token payment system, as viewers spent 25 percent more on the models and tipped 15 percent more on Valentine’s Day.

Geographically, the new users’ traffic increase was comprised of five percent Americans, 1.22 percent of Germans and one percent of Australians, during the three-day period.

Austin also noted an overall six percent increase in mobile users during the Feb. 13-15 period, which he detailed as 64 percent mobile, 29.06 percent desktop and six percent tablet. Those numbers are up from February’s first-week traffic of 58.81 percent mobile, 34.91 percent desktopand 6.28 percent tablet.

“What’s really interesting is that mobile users spent an average time of 9 minutes and 40 seconds while PC users spent an average of 11 minutes and 15 seconds on the site,” Austin added. “In addition to the spike in mobile users, what’s important to note this year is that, so far, we’re still seeing residual benefits as the numbers have held on steadily into this week, with only a slight dip. Hopefully we can continue to keep the steady flow of traffic going into spring.”

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