Nutaku Offers Sexy Old-School RPG Game, 'Desecration of Wings'

Nutaku Offers Sexy Old-School RPG Game, 'Desecration of Wings'
Stephen Yagielowicz

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the release of its newest erotic gaming title, “Desecration of Wings,” an old-school style RPG game with a sexy twist.

According to the company, RPG games have been taken to the next level with “Desecration of Wings” and its focus on plot, sex, and gameplay.

“With an enticing plot story of more than 10 hours encompassing wild twists and turns, and a wide variety of sexual scenes, developers have created several custom systems to ensure a satisfying gameplay experience,” explains a Nutaku spokesperson. “‘Desecration of Wings’ will immerse gamers in the best of both worlds, allowing them to revisit the nostalgic feel of old-school RPGs while simultaneously experiencing the convenience and modern elements that old-school RPGs once didn’t offer.”

“Desecration of Wings” features 24 base scenes and more than 100 uncensored images and optional challenges. Fans will find modern elements mixed with traditional RPG gameplay and the ability to learn unique skills from equipment, both active and passive, to customize their party. Enemies in dungeons are visible and avoidable instead of random encounters, with side quests and postgame content to round out the experience.

“Desecration of Wings” retails for $15 and is available for Windows-based systems here.