FanCentro Adds Mia Malkova to Roster of Stars

FanCentro Adds Mia Malkova to Roster of Stars
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — FanCentro has announced the addition of Mia Malkova to its roster of stars.

According to the company, top models and influencers leverage FanCentro to gain a crucial advantage in the highly competitive social media arena, delivering a noticeable impact on sales and accelerating EPC for affiliates and networked models alike.

“I’ve learned not to always be the first to try something new online. For me to make a move I want to see a product or service prove itself first,” said Malkova. “Now having heard and seen the success of many of my friends on FanCentro I’m ready to add my brand to the mix and I’ve been very happy with all the early results. It really is quite a powerful media platform!”

Malkova already enjoys an established audience, so the FanCentro effect she seeks may be a bit different than what a newer model might hope to accomplish.

“That’s the real beauty of FanCentro,” said Andrea of “It’s a modular system that can be customized to fit the specific goals of each model who comes on board. Whether you want greater reach into new markets like Mia, or are hoping to build a fresh brand from scratch, contact us today and we can show you how to use FanCentro to help you your own way.”

“FanCentro is the fastest way to monetize all of your new media channels while expanding your own social network, and now with so many amazing models on the network it’s becoming an easy way for models to actually help each other while helping themselves at the same time,” Andrea adds, “and oh by the way, it’s free to have your own account.”

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