iWantEmpire's Bratty Nikki, Jenna Sativa in Men's Health Mag

iWantEmpire's Bratty Nikki, Jenna Sativa in Men's Health Mag

LOS ANGELES — Jenna SativaiWantEmpire contract artist and 2017 XBIZ Girl/Girl Performer of the Year, and Bratty Nikki, iWantEmpire co-founder and fetish artist, discuss financial domination in the February issue of Men’s Health magazine.

“I’m glad to share what we do as fetish artists with a respectable outlet such as Men’s Health,” Sativa said. “Oftentimes, media can perpetuate misconceptions about our work by emphasizing only certain aspects, so it is important for me to be able to articulate truth about financial domination from the artists’ point of view.”

Nikki shared, “As artists, we are part of a greater community of people who enjoy the interaction and connection that findom offers. I hope those who read this article will gain a better understanding of financial domination and the artistry involved as well as help validate the work and the artists who practice it.”

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The two artists spoke about their love for findom and their ability to connect with those who appreciate their talents: “It is definitely easier money than anything else I’ve ever done, but at the same time it’s not easy because you have to put in a lot of time and money for these clips," Sativa told the magazine’s Sophie Saint Thomas. "These guys want to see you looking good when they’re giving you hundreds of dollars. They’ll lose interest if you’re using that money to pay your bills instead of splurging it on yourself."

Likewise, Nikki told the magazine being a findom specialist is like nothing else she has experienced — it is both lucrative and empowering.

“When I was a dancer, you had to get money out of someone [much like in findom], but you also had to be complementary and nice and say things like, 'Oh, you smell so good. Love your cologne,'" Nikki said. "And women are sick of that. Women don’t want to cater to men anymore. They want men to cater to them." 

Jay Phillips, founder and president of iWantEmpire, said, “We are excited to see Jenna and Nikki’s insight and experience on the iWantEmpire platform detailed to readers of Men’s Health. They bring a greater understanding of being a findom artist, and also what it takes to be an empowered woman and successful entrepreneur in the adult industry.”