Ginger Banks, Raven Hart Interviewed by

LAS VEGAS — Cam model Ginger Banks and adult performer Raven Hart were recently interviewed by, where they talked about the recent deaths in the industry. 

In “Porn Stars Explain Why Fellow Adult Stars Are Suffering & Dying,” Banks and Hart discuss the impact society has on adult performers.

“The way society looks at and treats porn stars makes us more depressed, it is hard to feel like we don’t belong or that we are second class citizens,” Banks explained in the article. “I have suffered depression because of the way people view my job. That is the worst part of this job, the way people treat me because of what I do for a living." 

Hart, who joined the industry later on in life, added, “If you get into this business really, young, and you are already predisposed to your own personal issues of depression or whatever else, working in porn may intensify your issues, this is not a career for everyone. When you are younger you get taken advantage of more and if you don’t stand up for yourself or you don’t make it known that you are a professional, then these types of things can happen.”

Banks commented, “If the article helps start a dialogue about depression and online bullying, I’m all for it.”

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