Grooby Releases 'Valentina Mia's Perfect Booty'

Grooby Releases 'Valentina Mia's Perfect Booty'

LOS ANGELES — Grooby Girls is celebrating Valentina Mia’s one-year porn anniversary with “Valentina Mia's Perfect Booty.”

Reflecting on her career, Mia said, “2017 was a year where everything changed for me. So many wonderful things happened in my first year in the industry and I am so touched by this Grooby tribute, that I touched myself everywhere with my long legs high in the air.

“Thank you, friends, fans, Grooby and everyone who helped me become the beautiful butterfly of my own dreams," she added. To watch the new solo scene, click here.

“I want to be a trendsetter and be known for my beauty and my brains," Mia pledged. "I want to make history. I want to give speeches to large crowds of people and be in the front lines defending the rights of trans people in America. I will use porn as a platform to make me well-known and use sex to empower my position in society instead of holding me down. I want a more sex-positive America ... this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey.” 

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