Mansion Productions Offers Discount on MPA3 Source Code

Mansion Productions Offers Discount on MPA3 Source Code

LOS ANGELES — Mansion Productions announced today that for a limited time it is offering a deep discount on the source code version of its popular MPA3 system.

According to the company, the MPA3 affiliate management and tracking software will for the first time be offered for sale at only $4,750, including initial installation and full access to modifying source code.

This represents a 90 percent discount off of the regular license price of $47,500.

“Over the years MPA3 has been sold as a license to rent only,” Mansion Productions’ CEO Oystein Wright said. “However, after doing a market research on the respective wants and needs by affiliate program owners, we have decided to do a market test by offering the fully licensed source code version.”

Wright said the source code license is sold subject to a few limitations, which include a prohibition against rebranding and reselling of the software or releasing the source code to the public.

Additionally, the support of the source code is valid for 60 days after installation on the client’s server, or until the moment source code is modified by the client, whichever comes first, and there will be a maximum of 10 licenses sold.

“Clients will receive MPA3 v5, which completely reinvents the way program owners and affiliates work on a day-to-day basis,” Wright explained. “With its intuitive interface, graphical charts for all types of statistics, and sleek navigation, we have created the ultimate software for any serious affiliate program and its affiliates.”

Wright said 18 years of market experience was put into version five of MPA3, and as such program owners can feel confident when they purchase the source code, which is very well written, intuitive, and ready for additional modifications by client’s own developers.

“We believe, after talking to numerous program owners, that having full control of your own source code is extremely important, and not being bound by limitations often given by licensor of software will give the owner a great sense of security,” said Wright, underscoring another major perk: the price. “Having to pay monthly recurring license fees can often be a deterrent when choosing a software.

"With this one-time license fee, which includes the rights to modifying the source code, company owners take back control of their operations and recurring costs.”

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