CrakRevenue Continues MyFreeCams Promo

CrakRevenue Continues MyFreeCams Promo

QUEBEC CITY — CrakRevenue has announced there are 10 spots remaining for its exclusive MyFreeCams promotion, with both new and established affiliates eligible to access the limited-time offer.

According to the company, several weeks ago, CrakRevenue announced the biggest pay-per-lead payout ever seen on MyFreeCams, with a promotion running from through Jan. 31, where 25 CrakRevenue affiliates will gain access to a $7.50 pay-per-lead (PPL) payout for new desktop signups, while new Mobile signups are bumped to $4 PPL for those select few.

Both offers require a double opt-in (DOI) and are only available for Tier 1 regions.

“We have received numerous applications and most of them were granted with a payout bump of at least $5 PPL,” said Arnaud Guilon, Business Manager of the cam vertical at CrakRevenue. “However, only 15 affiliates have been granted the $7.50 PPL.”

As part of the application process, affiliates need to inform the CPA network about their promotion methods, or demonstrate an increase in either the volume or the quality of their traffic before being granted the $7.50 payout.

“A maximum of 25 affiliates will see their payout bumped to $7.50 PPL on desktop traffic and $4 PPL for mobile,” Guilon explained. “However, affiliates who don’t qualify for this payout bump might still qualify for a custom payout bump by filling out the application and/or by contacting their affiliate manager.”

“CrakRevenue has been running the MyFreeCams affiliate program for more than a decade now and it has proven to be in the top three converting offers ever since,” Guilon concluded, noting, “In 2017, $7.5M in commissions have been paid to affiliates who promoted MyFreeCams.”

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