PureTaboo Debuts 'The Electra Complex'

PureTaboo Debuts 'The Electra Complex'
MONTREAL — Gamma Films’ Pure Taboo is set to release its latest provocative scene, "The Electra Complex," starring Karlee Grey, Angela White and Charles Dera, available today at PureTaboo.com. This is White’s debut scene for Pure Taboo.
Directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead, "The Electra Complex" explores the aftermath of a mother’s death in the family; a young woman (Grey) works to repair her relationship with her stepfather (Dera) with the assistance of a therapist (White).
“Have either of you heard of the Electra Complex?” White asks the father-daughter duo. “During a girl’s psycho-sexual development, she begins to show the therapist her resentment for the mother, and there is a subconscious desire to remove the mother so that she can have the father all to herself…”
Mills, who also serves as Gamma Films' head of production, said, "Karlee and Charles give a knockout performance in their scenes together. For subject matter this intense, the scene required good acting, and our leads did an incredible job from start to finish. Angela White’s debut on Pure Taboo was truly phenomenal. She brought so much depth to her role as the therapist and really had everyone else on set convinced she was an expert on Jungian archetypes!”