Video: ManyVids Releases Satirical Butt Plug Ad

Video: ManyVids Releases Satirical Butt Plug Ad

LOS ANGELES — ManyVids has announced its release of a satirical advertisement for its latest sex toy — the MV Butt Plug.

The comedic video features Alix Lynx, Reagan Foxx, ValDodds and Lena Paul, and is suitable for all audiences, offering “a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the ultra high tech, gadgetry-focused culture we live in.”

“Guaranteed to provide a few chuckles,” says an MV spokesperson, “ManyVids is inviting all its fans to check out the video on [our] website and have a fantastic, butt plugging day!”

According to the company, ManyVids launched in 2014 with the ambition to create an oasis for adult entertainers to thrive independently. Venturing into sexual fantasies with captivating visuals and passionate storytelling, ManyVids has 1.3 million active members and more than 12,300 independent content creators who use the platform to connect with their fans and grow their fanbase.

ManyVids enjoys more than 50 million monthly page views, with 325,000 original videos and premium adult content. A forum for self-expression and hard-hitting debates, ManyVids is a hub for MV Stars and members to communicate with freedom and authenticity.

“The MV Butt Plug is the result of years of research and development in butt plug technology. We’re thrilled to finally unveil never before seen, cutting-edge advancements that will change the way you insert things into your butt,” the spokesperson jokes, calling the MV Butt Plug “a turnkey, social and technological hub that makes creating content on the go easier than ever before.”

“The integrated solar panel makes charging your butt plug a breeze. Just use your MV Butt Plug as normal while carrying on with your regular, everyday activities like sunbathing in the nude or exercising near large windows,” the spokesperson adds. “Your MV Butt Plug will charge itself!”

All jokes aside, while the MV Butt Plug does not actually contain any technology (wireless, solar or otherwise), it is made from a high polish, stainless steel, and is both sophisticated and practical. It comes in a plush, velvet pouch and has the ManyVids logo on the end.

The MV Butt Plug retails for $9.99 and is available here.