Nutaku Expands Adult Game Development With $13M Investment

Nutaku Expands Adult Game Development With $13M Investment

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced its launch of a $13 million investment fund to fully finance the development of adult versions of existing games, as well as the development of new adult titles.

The largest free-to-play and downloadable game website in the world dedicated to 18+ titles, Nutaku’s investment efforts currently fund more than 20 projects. With goals of tapping into an underutilized market within the gaming industry, $10 million of the overall investment is dedicated to empowering game development in Latin America, with an additional $3 million allocated to game developers and studios located in Nutaku’s hometown, Montreal, one of the leading gaming hubs in the world.

According to the company, in a time where less than one percent of apps and five percent of games are financially successful, Nutaku is dedicated to democratizing the industry by funding games that did not get a chance to succeed through the traditional gaming marketplace. By contrast, Nutaku’s rapidly growing user base is hungry for new content, resulting in more than 90 percent of games with adult editions earning back their initial investment within three months. Another key differentiator in the market is the fact that Nutaku guarantees more than 100,000 players in the games’ first month.

The new investment portfolio aims to expand the adult gaming industry by working with open-minded developers to produce NSFW versions of their games. Games considered for adaptation will be judged by a number of metrics with a preference for free-to-play, high-quality games with strong mechanics already in development. Popular gaming titles in the action, adventure, role-playing, strategy and roguelike genres have been identified by the brand as particularly receptive to the introduction of 18+ content.

Nutaku President Mark Antoon says the expansion of the company’s investment portfolio into Latin America is an incredibly exciting time, as it provides Nutaku with the opportunity to empower “an entirely underutilized pool of talent.”

“Traditionally, studios and developers within this region face incredible obstacles while trying to bring their gaming titles to market,” Antoon explains. “Nutaku aims to be a catalyst for adult game development as we continue to rapidly grow our presence as the leading adult gaming portal in the western hemisphere.”

“Part of that responsibility is ensuring equal and fair access to the market while bringing new talent, perspectives, and diversity that can only benefit our users’ experience,” Antoon adds, noting Nutaku’s investment for game developers and studios will cover the full cost of introducing nudity and sex scenes into its high-quality games.

These developers will be given the opportunity to succeed on a platform identified as the solution to oversaturated gaming markets through Nutaku’s global platform of more than 50 million monthly visits. All investment funds allocated to individual studios and developers are risk-free, do not require money-back guarantees or the rights to company shares or ownership.

The $13 million funding initiative follows on the heels of numerous Nutaku-backed initiatives to democratize the game development industry. In the past year alone, Nutaku has announced the investments of $10 million to fund developers across the globe to introduce mature scenes into popular titles, as well as a $2 million investment to fund indie projects in progress worldwide.

Successful titles that have had their development needs financially met by Nutaku and have gone to market with extreme popularity include titles such as “Armor Blitz,” “Attack on Moe-H,” and “Crush Crush,” among many others. Nutaku also pioneered the launch of Kimochi Red Light to fund 18+ games, while recently debuting Kimochi Classifieds, a platform for NSFW developers to find new talent.

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