Flirt4Free Offers Black Friday Blowout

Flirt4Free Offers Black Friday Blowout

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — Flirt4Free has announced its upcoming Black Friday Blowout, which will award $16,000 in cash prizes to models.

According to the company, this is the largest single-day promo in its history and in addition customers will be able to unlock new credit packages and discounts by spending credits in bulk on Black Friday.

“We wanted to give our customer and models a Black Friday bonus that they would never forget,” said Jamie Rodriguez, Flirt4Free's director of product. “We give away thousands of dollars to models every week during our promos, but for our Black Friday Blowout we decided to give it away all at once.”

On Friday, models will compete to earn enough credits to become the top five guys and girls of the Black Friday Blowout, qualifying them for one of Flirt4Free’s record-breaking prizes.

The top models will win a $3,000 bonus; the second place winners will receive $2,000 each; third place winners will win $1,500; fourth place winners will get $1,000; and fifth place winners will win $500 each.

Flirt4Free will also give away more than $20,000 in cash prizes to its models during the three-day Black Friday Auto-Win Weekend contest, which will take place between Saturday and Monday. Models will receive an automatic $250 bonus if they earn at least 25,000 credits, and a $500 bonus if they earn at least 50,000 credits throughout the three-day event.

All four days of Flirt4Free’s Black Friday Blowout Weekend will feature big discounts for customers on credits, VODs and more. On Friday, all VODs will be 25 percent off, and for the next three days of the Black Friday Weekend, will remain at 10 percent off for all customers.

According to Rodriguez, the multiple deals and prizes offered by the Black Friday Blowout will bring millions of users online to see their favorite models.

“We expect to see a lot of activity on the site during the holiday weekend,” Rodriguez said, “and customers will have huge incentives to spend, making Black Friday the perfect time for affiliates to earn big.”

Flirt4Free regularly offers 120 free credits to customers who register with the site, so new customers who sign up on Black Friday can claim even greater discount packages on top of free credits. For a full rundown of Flirt4Free’s Black Friday Blowout contests, discounts, and packages, visit on Friday.

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