EvoSwitch Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Corporate Rebrand

EvoSwitch Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Corporate Rebrand
Stephen Yagielowicz

AMSTERDAM — EvoSwitch has announced the celebration of its 10th anniversary and the completion of a corporate rebrand — the first in its history.

According to EvoSwitch, the Europe- and U.S.-based colocation data center company with sustainable characteristics and a partner-rich cloud interconnection platform, its brand repositioning includes a redesigned corporate identity and a new website which offers a continuously expanding knowledge base platform covering topics such as (hybrid) cloud and colocation strategies.

When starting its colocation data center business 10 years ago in the Amsterdam area, EvoSwitch was one of the first companies in Europe to launch a “carbon-neutral” facility with highly efficient cooling systems, renewable energy usage, and a low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) figure for energy efficiency purposes.

“The use of renewable energy and a low PUE figure are nowadays not as uncommon as 10 years ago, although today having the best PUE in the colocation market is still highly impressive I must say — especially for the large facilities owned and operated by EvoSwitch,” said EvoSwitch CEO Eric Boonstra. “Energy-efficiency still plays a critical role in our day-to-day data center operations, but in recent years we’ve taken our colocation services to the next level by adding all kinds of managed services and enterprise-grade value.”

Boonstra noted the cloud interconnection platform EvoSwitch OpenCloud is a good example of the value being added in the last two years.

“EvoSwitch’s in-house developed modular data center building concepts with energy-efficient features and short lead times for implementation are an integral part of our corporate brand identity today. Not to forget about EvoSwitch’s international presence, with our U.S. data center in Manassas, Virginia being added in 2012,” Boonstra added. “All these infrastructural achievements make our 10th anniversary a milestone worth celebrating [while] the newly completed EvoSwitch corporate brand identity with a refreshed logo and updated website design better matches the smart and powerful corporate profile we have established since 2007.”

EvoSwitch’s new brand identity and website are being developed by Dutch agency Studio Piraat, which will reflect EvoSwitch’s “customer cloud ecosystems” and “open and knowledge sharing” characteristics — taking the complex technologies and value-added solutions being delivered and translating them into a clean, simple, and strong visual design. The designers from Studio Piraat used new icons and fonts with a future-forward design while developing unique illustrations and graphics for this new corporate brand identity which includes an animated scroll-based infographic explaining at a glance what the EvoSwitch ecosystem and value-add is all about.

“In 2007 we used to call ourselves a ‘next generation’ data center provider,” Boonstra explained. “Although I know it’s a marketing term by now that’s being used too often, it really was communicating what we stood for then. We were spearheading the international colocation business by going green, as one of the first on a European level in the global data center market.”

“By continuously keeping focused on developing and adding new managed services in line with evolving hybrid cloud customer needs and requirements, we’re convinced that we will be able to stay ahead of the market for the next 10 years to come,” Boonstra concludes. “The new EvoSwitch corporate brand identity being implemented when celebrating our 10th anniversary is meant to support that goal.”

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