Angels Studio Hosts Grand Opening

Angels Studio Hosts Grand Opening

TIMISOARA, Romania — Angels Studio has announced the grand opening of what it calls “the most modern video chat studio.”

Celebrating the event with an exclusive party for 30 guests, Angels Studio opened its doors to provide exclusive access to the working environment of the models.

Attendees freely explored the studio where Angels models are performing and learned about the life of online models and the advantages that this position offers.

Among those who attended the event was Silvia, the studio manager for Angels Studio, who thoroughly explained the mechanism behind Angels and the unlimited earnings potential of its models.

“2017 was for Angels Studio a year of change. A brand new location, a very connected team which strives for excellence and beyond all these, mutual respect and professionalism,” Silvia explained. “The need for a fresh start was organic after six years of activity and it had the purpose to embrace bigger and stronger projects.”

Also present at the event was official ImLive representative, Operational Manager Adrian Stoneman, demonstrating the important link between the Angels Studio and ImLive.

Silvia noted that online hostesses are free and independent and can concentrate more on what matters the most to them in their everyday life, with a guaranteed income starting at $1,000 in the first month, with earnings of up to $30,000 per month.

“In addition to these aspects,” Silvia concluded, “Angels Studio is offering a package of bonuses and gifts on the basis of performance, [plus] training according to the requirements of the model, and a lot of opportunities for professional development while guaranteeing her a legal job and confidentiality.”

As a proof of its professionalism, Angels Studio has been recognized by CCIAT as among the Top Companies in Timisoara for three consecutive years.

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