Nutaku Debuts Talent Management Platform for Adult Game Developers

Nutaku Debuts Talent Management Platform for Adult Game Developers
Stephen Yagielowicz

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the launch of Kimochi Classifieds, a freelancer network for the posting and hiring of game developers dedicated to 18+ game creation and enhancement.

According to the company, Kimochi Classifieds is free to use and was created to grow the adult gaming industry as a solution for content developers looking for talent to complete projects as well as a way for professionals to diversify their freelance portfolio in an emerging sector in the gaming market and is the second innovation this year announced as a project by Nutaku, following its launch of Kimochi Red Light — a crowdfunding platform dedicated to the development of 18+ games.

Nutaku President Mark Antoon said the Kimochi Classifieds platform is the company’s way of solving and bridging a huge gap in the game development market.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the demand for mature gaming explode but have been limited by the availability and funding of developers creating this popular content in North America,” Antoon said. “Our hope here is to continue our work in bringing more incentives for gaming studios and developers to create mature content, to act as a catalyst for the gaming industry and community, and give our growing audience the gaming experiences they seek.”

Kimochi Classifieds allows employers and freelancers to post and peruse job opportunities across a variety of game developing verticals including art and animation, design, development, production and more, allowing both parties to determine the best method to complete the terms of each job.