xHamster's AI Facial Recognition System Gains Ground

xHamster's AI Facial Recognition System Gains Ground
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — xHamster has announced it is nearing completion of its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine and will be first to market with its solution — even as its competitors race to launch systems of their own.

According to xHamster VP Alex Hawkins, the company will be the first to offer users a fully functional AI video face recognition system using facial and hair color recognition technology to find videos featuring their favorite stars.

The database reportedly features more than 1 million videos and 30,000 performers, already indexed for searching.

Hawkins says xHamster’s nearest competitor only has half as many videos indexed, and fewer than one third the number of performers.

“We have a database that is [more than] twice the size of our competitor’s, and our search functionality is ready now — not in a year,” says Hawkins. “We laughed a little when we saw their announcement earlier this week [which] seemed like a lot of bluster for so little to show.”

While the front-facing consumer interface is still in design, xHamster is working to bring its searchable database to consumers as soon as possible.

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