The Tremor 'Rock & Roll Sex Toy' Launches PornHub Channel

The Tremor 'Rock & Roll Sex Toy' Launches PornHub Channel
Stephen Yagielowicz

LAS VEGAS — The makers of The Tremor have announced the launch of a PornHub channel as well as the launch of a content partner program.

Known as “Rock and Roll Sex Toy,” The Tremor will be featured in a series scenes, with the debut from content partner in a boy-girl scene starring Delirious Hunter and her real life husband Joeydotrawr, entitled, “The Gift That Keeps On Giving.”

“The Tremor rocks and rolls harder, faster and stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced! The controls were easy to adjust and the remote remains tethered to the device; so even I can’t lose it!” exclaimed Hunter.  “It was so good... I’ll even offer to blow my husband each time I get a ride on The Tremor. I will thoroughly enjoy The Tremor both with and without my husband! It really rocked!”

In addition to its official PornHub channel, The Tremor has also launched channels on,,, and; with others still in development. Each channel is being updated frequently with new videos and photos of The Tremor in action, featuring Anna Bell Peaks, Katrina Jade, Audrey Holiday, Zoe Clark, Loni Legend, Reagan Lush, and more, along with amateur content submitted by Tremor owners.

“The Tremor creators came to us looking for a unique way to position and market their product,” said Pete Housley Director of Creative Services for Naughty Business. “From the start, we knew The Tremor would be different. Not just because of its features and function, but because its approach would be unique.”

Housley notes that pleasure product companies often shy away from embracing porn as they try to target mainstream consumers.

“Our challenge is to showcase the power and function of The Tremor to potential consumers who only see it online.  We’re accomplishing this through demonstrations and user testimonials like any other product — but utilizing tube sites as a medium to reach millions around the world,” Housley continued. “The Tremor is about sex, tattoos, rock and roll, and porn.”

The Tremor’s Content Development Partner Program is designed to work with producers, studios, website owners and individuals to develop and create creative content featuring The Tremor. Members of the program are provided with a Tremor and multiple attachment kits, marketing support, cross-branding, as well as a license to use the trademark — in exchange the members submit videos and photos of The Tremor to be co-branded and marketed with The Tremor online and at events.

Charter members of the program include, Blazed Studios, Intersec Interactive, RAD Media, and Fitzgerald Multimedia.

“The Content Development Partner Program is yet another way Tremor is embracing the industry,” Housley concluded. “We absolutely want people using The Tremor for developing videos — we’re looking for studios, producers, website owners and popular webcam models, clip store owners and social media mavens to participate.”

An affiliate program pays $75 per machine sold.

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