SNR Offers CamWithHer Model Snapchat Subscriptions

SNR Offers CamWithHer Model Snapchat Subscriptions

LAS VEGAS — SNR Productions has announced a new way for CamWithHer users to connect with their favorite models.

“The Snapchat subscription market is booming. It’s a perfect time to continually innovate and offer more ways for our consumers to connect with their favorite models,” said SNR Productions’ Steve Ranieri. “It’s a great alternative for users to connect with models on a more personal level and feel like they’re more of a friend than a customer.”

The CamWithHer model team now offers four incremental pricing options from $15 to $45 per month for their Snapchat subscription service while earning a commission on each sale. Models are notified by email and model admin tools when to add and remove subscribers.

CamWithHer users will now notice Snapchat icons throughout the website, on the model listing, model profiles, fan clubs, and chat rooms. Fans can easily access a model’s Snapchat by subscribing monthly or using credits in their accounts. Upon entering their own Snapchat username, they’re sent an email with instructions following the purchase of the subscription.

CamWithHer affiliates will be able to promote Snapchat subscriptions as well.

“We will be providing new Snapchat banners for affiliates on our partner program, SNRCash,” Ranieri added. “Some affiliates have been asking us for this feature for some time so I’m excited to get them some tools to promote the new service.”

For more information on the CamWithHer affiliate program, click here.