Stormy Daniels Wraps Production for Wicked Passions' 'Unbridled'

Stormy Daniels Wraps Production for Wicked Passions' 'Unbridled'

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Pictures announced this evening that filmmaker, screenwriter and contract superstar Stormy Daniels has wrapped production on “Unbridled.”

Wicked studio heads called the film the biggest production to date from the romance-oriented Wicked Passions imprint.

The movie stars Daniels, Lyra Law, Kayla Paige, Rachel Starr, Jay Crew, Marcus London, Michael Vegas, Jack Vegas, Dick Chibbles and others.        

“I wanted to showcase two of my own ‘passions’ at once — eventing with my horse, and making awesome movies,” the writer/director/star said of "Unbridled." “This is biggest Wicked Passions movie we’ve ever done, the first one I’ve starred in, the first one we’ve shot out of state, and the first time we’ve used drones in a Wicked movie to get panoramic aerial shots. There is no stock footage in this movie, none whatsoever.”

As “Unbridled begins,” Daniels essays the role of Avery Montgomery, a savvy New Yorker who returns to her Texas roots to save the family farm, only to run into her old beau in the process, a publicist explained.

Daniels’ portrays Avery as a woman who can literally do it all — make it in small town Texas and the Big Apple, win back the ranch, and get the man who got away,” the publicist said.

Lyra Law portrays Avery’s younger sister, Joey, while Jay Crew plays Wes, the stoic Montgomery family patriarch.

“I cast Lyra for several reasons,” Stormy said. “One, she’s a fantastic actress and a great performer. Chemistry is really important when we’re making the Wicked Passions movies, so I had her work with Michael Vegas. They’re a real-life couple and they play off each other in a very believable way. Lyra’s reliable, and she also started riding recently, so she’s comfortable around horses. She didn’t do the jumping, but what was so serendipitous was that she looks almost identical to my best friend, who lives in Texas and was her stunt double in the movie. They look so much alike that even I can’t tell them apart in the riding scenes!

“This was a true passion project of mine and it has turned out amazing well," she said. “I’m excited to share ‘Unbridled’ with the world!”

Turning to the technical side, veteran cinematographer Jake Jacobs said he enjoyed helping Daniels bring her distinctive vision to life.

“Shooting out-of-state, at a location we weren’t very familiar with presented challenges. I’m not a part of the equestrian community, but I really admired how dedicated everyone was — some of those jumps looked very scary. To be able to capture all that on video, and to help Stormy bring her love of riding to the screen, was both rewarding and a lot of fun.”

Wicked Pictures President and Owner Steve Orenstein noted that Daniels is creating, directing and starring in “a myriad of quality productions which represent a diverse range of genres and skills.”

“Like ‘Wanted,’ ‘Unbridled’ is a very personal project for Stormy, and I believe fans, reviewers and customers will find it every bit as rewarding.” 

“Unbridled” is scheduled for a mid-August release.