Video: Seth Gamble Reveals Secret to Married Sex for VR Bangers

Video: Seth Gamble Reveals Secret to Married Sex for VR Bangers

LOS ANGELES — In a new video from, Seth Gamble sets out to save viewers’ marriages by explaining the simplest way to spark a passion within their own relationships — incorporating virtual reality porn into the bedroom mix.

“Face it, no matter how much you love your wife, having sex with the same person for the millionth time isn’t going to be as much fun as it was the first time she said yes,” says a company rep. “That’s where virtual reality and the VR Bangers website can help!”

As Gamble explains in the video, couples across the globe can instantly add a new level of intimacy to their love lives by introducing a VR Bangers headset to their sex sessions.

“Having your wife on top of you while looking toward her as any one of the amazing porn stars on VR Bangers becomes her surrogate avatar during real-time erotic activities gives you all the thrills of being with another woman,” the rep adds, “[while maintaining] the monogamy that your wife still believes is essential to your eternal salvation.”

It is the latest example of how forward-looking adult companies are harnessing the power of viral video to spread the message of how VR is empowering people the world over, providing a dose of fantasy to their everyday reality.

“The video is getting a lot of attention from mainstream media and social media outlets already, which is great because it brings more people into the virtual reality arena,” VR Bangers’ Daniel Abramovich notes. “I’m not sure how many wives will be willing to try this kind of roleplay, but I can tell you that almost anything that gets the conversation started is good for your marriage, and good for the adult VR business in the long run.”

VR Bangers features more than 100 full-length exclusive 4K VR scenes with frequent updates.

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