Siouxsie Q Returns to Performing in Kink's 'The Red Bride'

Siouxsie Q Returns to Performing in Kink's 'The Red Bride'

LOS ANGELES — Writer, activist and adult performer Siouxsie Q celebrated her return to performing with a groundbreaking gangbang scene titled "The Red Bride," written by Q and directed by Madeline Marlowe for Kink’s

The piece was a collaboration between the two adult industry activists and incorporates many aspects of Q’s personal life. The scene is also the first shot by Marlowe beyond the walls of the Armory, marking a significant, new chapter for both. 

“My team and I are film nerds at heart; anytime I am able to collaborate with performers on a narrative, the films that I make are more fun to create, and we always have lots of laughs and genuine passion on set. It all makes for a better film,” director Marlowe said. “In the end, we all feel like we really accomplished an amazing feat. And we did! People say folks fast forward through the story, yet I get so much fan mail from those who are interested in the narratives I present. To be honest, I wouldn't know how to make a sex film without detail, nuance, narrative and hoopla!”

Q stated, “This is my first big shoot back after slaying the Prop. 60 dragon. I love making porn, but I chose to focus all my attention towards politics for most of last year to ensure that we all could continue making it in the future without fear of state incentivized harassment.”

"The Red Bride" features Q alongside Will Havoc, Tommy Pistol, Jon Jon, Small Hands and Mark Wood. The collaboration was described as a cathartic experience for both Q and Marlowe, drawing from their shared values of “whore power and femme supremacy,” and even using Q’s own wedding dress in the scene.

Marlowe added, “I make it a point to reach out to the women who will be enduring this whirlwind of controlled sexual chaos. Many of them have fantasies of takedowns, abductions, rough sex with multiple men, and being destroyed. They come to me because of my approach to this very brutal hardcore sex scene. After all, it is very hard to put together a gangbang in the real world that is safe and with people who know what they are doing; my sets allow this luxury. The women can feel safe to let go and know I am here in the end to catch them and bask in all their post-gang bang glory.”

Q has wanted her return to the screen to be deliberate, serving as a significant marking point in both her professional and personal life. “Now that I am doing policy and advocacy 40-plus hours a week with the Free Speech Coalition, I only have time and bandwidth to make a certain number of movies a year, so choosing projects where I get to have more creative involvement as I did with 'The Red Bride' are very interesting to me,” she explained. “I had a great time working on the script for Grooby’s 'Real Fucking Girls' directed by Mona Wales, and I've already begun work on the sequel.”

Marlowe added, “Siouxsie came to me with an idea that was not only totally original, intriguing, taboo and sexy but she also wanted to bring a part of her personal life into the story as a way to heal. I was immediately on board. I don't think the public often sees or hears about the way porn can heal a person. Sometimes it heals the sex workers doing the work and sometimes it heals the observers. We are all human and sex — yes, sometimes very intense hardcore sex — can heal a broken heart, or serve as a symbol, a piece of art, a spell breaker or a reminder that we are all sexual beings and there is no shame in that. 

“In Siouxsie's case it was her identity as a whore and almost losing that identity, but together through creating this art piece, we were able to bring her to a space that was not only sexy to watch, and definitely A-plus jerk off material, but you watched a woman rise from the ashes more beautiful than ever before and that last orgasm of her writhing on the floor in her red-dyed wedding dress, disheveled and unabashedly taking what she wanted, well I can't think of anything more beautiful to witness,” she concluded.

Q got her start in the business dancing at the unionized, worker-owned, Lusty Lady Theater in San Francisco, and has worked as a performer in adult films since 2010. She has served as the director of policy and industry relations for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade association, since May of last year. She is also a playwright, singer/songwriter, journalist and creator of "The Whorecast," her hit podcast showcasing the diverse voices of the adult industry. She has lectured extensively on sex and sex work, and is regularly quoted and featured in the mainstream media, including CNN, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Wired, Alternet, Buzzfeed and Fusion. Her debut book, "Truth, Justice, and the American Whore," was published in 2016 through 3L Media to "rave reviews."

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