Yanks.com, Mr. Skin Team on Lifetime Memberships for Charity

Yanks.com, Mr. Skin Team on Lifetime Memberships for Charity

SEATTLE — Yanks.com has entered a charitable collaboration with nude celebrity site MrSkin.com to benefit the non-profit organization Call to Safety.

As part of this initiative, a mailer will be sent to Mr. Skin’s lifetime members on Friday, April 21, offering a limited time deep discount on a lifetime membership to Yanks.com’s 100 percent female-produced amateur erotica site devoted to the sexuality of real women.

Both companies will then donate a portion of each membership sale to Call to Safety, to aid the group’s efforts to provide critical assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence throughout the U.S.

“We believe that our association with Yanks.com benefits adult fans as well as people in need,” said Mr. Skin President Sam Rakowski, “and we are happy to able to contribute to an excellent cause like Call to Safety.”

Yanks.com CMO Todd Spaits said that its lifetime membership sale also “presents a great opportunity to broaden our range of services across a larger market, with much thanks to MrSkin.com.”

“It raises Call to Safety’s public profile,” Spaits added, “while offering a targeted, cost-effective incentive to drive traffic to our sites.”