ASACP Adds Legal Horsepower to Advisory Council

ASACP Adds Legal Horsepower to Advisory Council

LOS ANGELES — Attorneys Lawrence G. Walters, of Walters Law Group, and Corey D. Silverstein, of Silverstein Legal, have joined the Association of Sites Advocating Legal Protection (ASACP) as Advisory Council members, effective immediately.

Walters and Silverstein have further committed to donating hundreds of hours of pro bono legal services, along with direct financial contributions to the Association.

“ASACP’s mission could not be more critical at this time in the industry’s history,” Walters said. “Issues relating to age verification, child exploitation, and human trafficking have risen to the forefront, and provide a unique opportunity for ASACP to weigh in on behalf its adult industry members on this important public debate.”

“Since 1996, ASACP has been on the front lines of protecting children online. The ASACP continues to be a guiding light for website operators who can easily end up lost in the forest of government regulation and enforcement,” Silverstein said. “Thankfully, the ASACP has worked tirelessly to provide the industry with essential information about both current law and impending developments impacting adult website operators.”

ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning was thrilled with the new additions to the team.

“ASACP welcomes Larry and Corey to the ASACP Advisory Council and is grateful for the resources and talent that these two recognized industry attorneys bring to the table,” Henning said. “We look forward to their input and legal assistance, as ASACP continues to refine and broaden its mission in the child protection realm.”

“In an era where adult material has been blamed by some for fueling sex trafficking, it is essential for a credible industry organization like ASACP to provide accurate information, to help shape future legal, legislative, and policy initiatives,” Walters noted. “We look forward to assisting in this effort.”

“I am excited to have been offered the opportunity to help ASACP and the adult industry as a whole in getting its voice heard but more importantly assisting the ASACP in educating website operators to operate responsibly and within the confines of the law,” Silverstein concludes. “The ASACP is growing and I can’t wait to work with the ASACP Advisory Council and my colleague Larry Walters as the organization moves forward.”

ASACP has been a leading voice for the adult Internet industry since 1996 in the battle against child exploitation and human trafficking, while standing firm in its belief that adults should be free to produce, publish, and access erotic materials online.

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