Kheper Games Offers 'Let's F*ck!' Card Game

Kheper Games Offers 'Let's F*ck!' Card Game

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games has announced the official launch of its new sex card game, “Let’s F*ck!”

The new game joins the successful Let’s F*ck! line that includes a board game, dice, and coupon set.

According to Kheper CEO Brian Pellham, the Let’s F*ck! Card Game encourages couples to try new sexual experiences, with 24 winning scenarios that can be combined for 250,000 possible fantasies, for example, “Let’s F*ck in the Shower,” “Let’s Fool Around Outdoors,” “Let’s F*ck on a Kitchen Counter,” and “Let’s Use Bondage Equipment.”

Included within each Let’s F*ck! deck are rules for three games, including  F*ck Fortunes, Match & F*ck, and Personal F*ck Questions, where players take turns asking each other personal questions and awarding cards for correct answers, for example, “What is my favorite sex toy?” The first player to receive a match, wins — and as with all other game wins, gets to interpret how the winning scenario is acted out.

“If it seems like I am trying to say the word ‘F*ck’ as much as possible, I am!” explains Pellham. “Seriously though, this line has been very successful for us because it gets to the point quickly.”

“Men especially appreciate that this brand is about F*cking and not quite so much about foreplay,” Kheper adds. “After all, sometimes it’s good to just get to the point!”

For more information, email or call (877) 426-3755.