iStripper, Freeones Announce Launch of Freeones Strippers

iStripper, Freeones Announce Launch of Freeones Strippers

LOS ANGELES — iStripper and Freeones have announced the launch of Freeones Strippers.

According to the company, Freeones Strippers is a white label of iStripper, consisting of a desktop app featuring virtual models stripping on the user’s computer taskbar.

“Freeones Stripper is a great addition for,” says Petra from Freeones. “It is a unique concept of video inlay that perfectly [complements] our offer, adding a nice card to our panel.”

“Most of the girls featured on Freeones Strippers are already listed on our directory,” Petra adds. “We expect to attract a lot of attention with this new concept.”

Freeones stripper relys on Totem’s proprietary video inlay technology that allows users to play strip shows directly onto computer taskbars, without any background image.

“We are very happy to provide Freeones with the best advancements of our technology in terms of interactivity,” says Celine from iStripper. “Users can now set several girls simultaneously on their screen, they can hang and stick them wherever they want, have them in full screen, stripping with a pole, doing swings naked, washing the screen, etc. and all in UHD.”

The company recently expanded its model portfolio with the addition of many U.S. performers, boosting its catalog to more than 2,000 girls, providing extra content for Freeones Stripper.

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