CAM4 Announces 'Roll the Dice' Tipping Game

CAM4 Announces 'Roll the Dice' Tipping Game

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 has announced its introduction of a new way for performers to interact and “play” with their fans: “Roll the Dice,” a tipping game that is enabled by performers during broadcasts.

According to the company, the game is a quick and easy way for performers to pump up earnings as their fans tip for various actions as dictated by the assigned numbers on the dice.

It is the latest innovation from the company known for its progressive and fun camming environment.

CAM4’s lead Performer Coach, Nikki Night, encourages any performer looking to reach their tipping goal to give Roll the Dice a try, and notes that with each roll earning either 25 or 50 tokens, performers can be assured that all tokens spent contribute to reaching the tip goal.

“We thought it would be fun for both the performers and the fans to be able to have more interactive fun together, and Roll the Dice is a cheeky way to do that,” said Night. “Performers are getting super creative and the fans are loving it.”

“This is proving to be a lot of fun,” Night adds, “and something we plan to incorporate more of, encouraging even more interactions between performers and end users.”

For its part, CAM4 is pleased with the results, with Roll the Dice shaping up to be one of itse most successful promotions.

“We are seeing the number of performer participants grow daily and the number of fan players is building rapidly,” says Derek D., CAM4’s Head of Public Relations. “We look forward to integrating more fun and rewarding events into the platform to yield greater revenue for our performers and optimized experiences for our viewers.”

Performers can find setup information here.

Fans can play with their favorite performers here.